Odoo Migration

All of us use mobile phones and tons of applications. Just as they periodically get upgrades and newer functionalities with each update, so does Odoo. For system upgrades on mobile phones or apps, you press a button, and it is updated! Even Odoo releases new updates and versions frequently to which users need to upgrade their systems, but it is not as simple as pressing a button in Odoo. 

So is your software system outdated? Are you ready for more functionalities? Do you want to use new applications, save costs, or merge different IT environments? Our Odoo specialists help you with a systematic approach to migrate smartly and quickly. Reliution has extensive experience and expertise in upgrading Odoo from various versions. Being an Odoo service provider, our proficient functional and technical consultants assist our customers and their business in performing major migrations like Odoo v9 to v13 and the customized Odoo modules to the latest and desired Odoo versions available. We handle the end-to-end migration process with the utmost care, promising a highly secured data transfer system.

Odoo Migration Services

Odoo Version Migration

Upgrade to the latest version of Odoo with us.

Odoo Database Migration

     We help you migrate from Odoo Enterprise Version 7,8 to all the versions above it.

Odoo Module Migration

Code Migration for perfect customization.

Odoo Application Migration

Modernize your application programs from other platforms to Odoo ERP with our help!

Odoo Data Migration

Migrate all your essential business data by establishing a secured data transfer

system with the help of our effective data migration services.

From Odoo Community Version 8 To;

Odoo Community 9

Odoo Community 10

Odoo Community 11

Odoo Community 12

Odoo Community 13

From Odoo Enterprise Version 9 To;

Odoo Enterprise 10

Odoo Enterprise 11

Odoo  Enterprise  12

Odoo  Enterprise  13

Why Reliution?

Set of reasons: why you should choose us as your Odoo consultant?!

>> High coding standards

>> Experience in all versions of Odoo

>> Implementation experts across many industries

>> High quality deliverables

>> Enhanced and developed many Odoo apps

>> Young and innovative team of Odoo enthusiasts
>>  5+ years of experience

>> 100+ satisfied customers across globe

>> Technical and functional expertise in all Odoo modules

>> Service in both enterprise and community edition

>> Enriched with UI/UX expert developers

>> Author of best Ecomm modules