Odoo ERP Consultants

Moving from manual management to complete automation through management software is no cakewalk! Switching from one platform to another or implementing entirely new software for your business requires detailed research and compatibility. Implementing ERP depends on many factors like the size of the company, type of business, budget, and requirements. Odoo is a platform which allows you to manage all your business operation from one place. If you are one such organization planning to implement ERP in your company but unaware of where to start, you have us at your rescue! 

We at Reliution have an expert team of Odoo consultants who can help you implement Odoo in your company and guide you in every aspect of enterprise resource planning! These consultants analyze your company's needs by obtaining inputs from the employees and the managers, design, and develop your Odoo platform to attribute to your company operations and implement it. They don't stop there; they train your employee on how to operate the software and will be there with you for constant support and maintenance activities if any arises.

Odoo Functional Consultant

The role of Odoo Functional Consultant is vast throughout the project including the training and go-live stages. We at Reliution have an expert team of Odoo ERP consultants who has knowledge of different business areas including the design of the business flow. They evaluate your needs for Odoo ERP and proposes a perfect business solution. The skills our Odoo functional consultants possess are:

>> Decision-making skills for all modules which client require

>> Powerful Communication

>> In-out knowledge of Odoo security configuration 

>> Expert in the workflow configurations

Odoo Technical Consultant

Our technical consultants take care of end-to-end Odoo Implementation. We are capable of designing and developing the platform as per your company's needs and requirements. Our technical consultants design, test, install and monitor Odoo systems. The skills our Odoo technical consultants possess are:

>> Understanding of technical requirements and providing appropriate Module design in Odoo ERP software.

>> Detailed coding knowledge for developing and customizing Odoo modules

>> Integration/ unit testing knowledge

>> Troubleshooting capabilities to trace and solve all the bugs

Our Odoo Consulting Services Includes

Requirement Analysis

We really care about what you want!

End-to-end Implementation

Our expert technical team will implement a perfect solution for you.

Enhancement of business processes

 We help you improve your business management by providing needed changes.

Guidance on the operational aspects

We guide you with what all you will need for your requirement

Feasibility Testing

Which modules will best suit your business and how feasible it is with the current system.

Support and Training

We provide Odoo / open-ERP training to students and profesionals.

Frequently Asked Questions

Out of so many ERPs in the market, you need to know which one best serves your purpose. Whether you should implement ERP in the first place, and if yes, which is best suitable according to your business size, budget, and effective operations. For all these queries, an ERP consultant can clear all your doubts and make you aware of existing systems in the market.

Odoo consultancy from Odoolicious provides you with- Best Odoo Specialists. Provides requirement flexibility during the development stage and detailed documentation on project analysis. Identifies problems and reduces ERP implementation risk. Provide data migration service upon request.

Odoo consultants make you aware of Odoo's easy implementation and flexibility in your existing system. Odoo consultants can work on strategy, planning, and problem-solving in the current software and grow performance efficiency.